3D Printing

SIMS understands that the production of 3D parts must meet the high standards of a traditional CNC machined or molded parts

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Precision 3D Printed Metal Parts

SIMS utilizes the Markforged Metal X, which is a revolutionary 3D printer that prints precise metal parts. The Metal X prints metal in a powder bound plastic matrix to eliminate safety risks associated with traditional metal 3D printing methods while enabling new features like close-cell infill for reduced part weight. The Metal X print system gives us the ability to go from design to fully functional metal parts faster than ever before.

Quality, Durable 3D Parts are Essential in All Industries

SIMS understands that the production of 3D parts must meet the high standards of a traditional CNC machined or molded parts. 3D metal printed parts can also be machined and hardened to meet the most stringent specifications. At SIMS, we consider quality control and detailed documentation a high priority when designing and building parts for all applications. Our commitment to excellence and meticulous inspection processes ensure that every part that leaves our facility meets the required level of precision and quality that our customers expect from SIMS.

Express Parts and Material Options

SIMS engineers and designers can assist with customizing and optimizing a 3D-printed part when time is of the essence utilizing an assortment of materials that best meets your required specs. SIMS is a highly specialized contract manufacturer that produces superior parts required for most applications. 3D printing allows us to produce parts with highest possible accuracy and consistency. We offer a variety of materials including Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, and Inconel.

On-time Deliveries and Customer Satisfaction

Our staff at SIMS is honest, self motivated, and always focused on building our company’s reputation through quality, on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction. We are experts in in project management, prototype design and the production of precision high quality parts. Our facilities in the US and India give us the capability to deliver short lead times, maximum production at very competitive costs. We can meet the specific requirements of our customers for production scaling without sacrificing quality.