We can meet the specific requirements of our customers for production scaling without sacrificing quality

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SIMS is capable of producing a wide range of molded components. Our molding processes take place in extremely controlled environments, with presses ranging from 20 tons to 150 tons.

All molding currently takes place at our facility in India.

Plastic Molding

At SIMS, we utilize the latest process technologies and practices to provide customers with optimal results. Our highly experienced molding team works with customers during tooling design and process development.


  • Straight Injection
  • Vertical Molding
  • Insert Molding
  • Overmolding

Metal Injection Molding

Our metal injection molding can produce simple to complex metal parts fast. We structure our processes to eliminate extensive machining. MIM parts are great candidates for use in firearms, defense, medical, and more. MIM and TiMIM parts are typically less than 100 grams in weight and can be up to 0.25 inches thick, and 3 inches in length.